Our Mission

At Learning Lane our mission is to provide every child with the best preschool experience possible. Through creative curriculum, play, and Christian principles, Learning Lane strives to help build a healthy spirit, mind, and body for all our preschoolers, giving them confidence and a lifelong love for learning.


Our Philosophy

We believe that all children are a unique gift from God. By focusing on the child as a whole, we can help each child on the path to developing their full potential and becoming the amazing person God has designed them to be. We believe that by combining a developmentally appropriate curriculum, creative projects, a wide variety of activities, and demonstrating the unconditional love of God, your child will experience the quality preschool program they deserve and the confidence they need to thrive in T-K or Kindergarten.

​Our Staff

Audra Cullup 

Program Director/Teacher


Jenny Thude

Assistant Teacher


Our preschool staff are experienced and chosen for their warmth, creativity, experience with children, and commitment to excellence.  At Learning Lane, our knowledge of early childhood development, along with our commitment to continued education and growth, enable our teachers to connect with and nurture each child as the individuals that they are.


Miss Audra